Product Supply Options to Health Professionals

Dear Doctor,

Doctor Direct supplies the Lawley hormone product range to a worldwide network of medical physicians who either:

  • direct patients to order AndroFeme 1 online via our Prescriber Monitored Supply System (PMSS) or
  • order Lawley products direct at wholesale pricing (only applicable in certain countries)

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Doctor Direct is a secure portal for medical practitioners only. For access we require physicians to complete the registration process which includes the uploading and verification of medical bona fides.

We request that you please complete the Doctor Direct registration form by clicking the Register button below. Once your registration is activated you will receive full access to the website and Doctor Direct will happily attend to your requirements.

Online ordering is only available for goods being exported from Australia.

The information contained within this website relates specifically to the hormones:

Testosterone Testosterone Progesterone

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